Saudi Arabia – New regulations for the transmission of electronic advance data

28 December, 2020


Saudi Post Corporation, wishes to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of articles 08-002, 17-107 and 17-216 of the UPU Convention Regulations, and as required by the customs and border security authori­ties of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, electronic advance data (EAD) will be required from 1 January 2021 for all inbound international postal items containing goods addressed to Saudi Arabia. The provision of EAD in this way conforms to UPU electronic data interchange messaging standards M33 (ITMATT) and M41 (PREDES).

Any international postal items containing goods that arrive without EAD may be subject to customs clearance delays or be deemed inadmissible by Customs under articles 19-101 and 19-201 of the Convention Regulations, which may result in the return of the items to the sender.

For uninterrupted ITMATT communication, ITMATT messages should be sent to electronic data interchange address SA501.

Saudi Post Corporation further reiterates that the dataset provided must be correct and accurate, as this information provides the basis for acceptance, release and clearance of the items by customs authorities.

Compliance in this area will ensure the efficient processing and delivery of interna­tional postal items in keeping with customer expectations.

In case of further questions, please e-mail or