Sustainability Report 2021 (1)

Sustainability Webinar

How are retailers making shopping more sustainable?

Enjoy watching this webinar held by RetailX as part of the Ecommerce World Review (8th-12th November 2021). The guest speaker is our Chief Business Development Officer, Renaud Marlière, offering his insight on sustainability for retailers in 2022 and beyond.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Introduction - How legislation and consumers are putting pressure on retailers to become more sustainable. 

  • Sustainable Packing - Including a new initiative by Asendia's shareholder La Poste.

  • Proof of sustainability - How consumers are looking for proof of sustainable steps by retailers.

  • Assessment of leading retailers - A review of sustainability on the top 1000 retailers in Europe.

  • Shopper reaction to 'green' delivery options - Are shoppers willing to pay more for sustainable package delivery? 

  • Sustainable plans for businesses - Such as a price being put on carbon emissions in each country for offsetting.

  • The future for non-sustainable retailers - How not taking steps now will impact purchases in the future.
Sustainability Report 2021 (3)

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