Asendia and Omniva: committed to develop e-commerce worldwide

17 February, 2023

E-Commerce News

Asendia and Omniva, the Estonian National Postal Operator, have signed a strategic partnership that will help e-tailers expand their sales into established and emerging markets and cover Asendia's whole range of e-PAQ services.


Thanks to its wide network, logistics capabilities, strong regional relationships, and long-lasting experience in e-commerce, Omniva will connect Asendia not only to the Baltics, Finland, and Eastern Europe but also to Central Asia and to the Caucasus region.


This partnership enables Asendia to offer e-retailers access to a global market of 294 million potential e-shoppers in 30 countries.


According to estimates of the Statista Digital Market Outlook, the e-commerce revenue in the 9 countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus region is expected to increase in the coming years, reaching a value of 15 Billion US$ by 2025. This makes these countries very attractive destinations for cross-border retailers and marketplaces.


“Our partnership with Omniva illustrates our commitment to our customers to keep on developing our solutions in parts of the world where online shopping is growing fast and strongly”, says Marc Pontet, CEO of Asendia.

Following last week's external announcement of our strategic partnership with Omniva, please find here the link to access the media coverage so far. The press release has generated 13 articles (in the UK, US…), engaging an audience of 3,35 Mo readers.

Please find below nice articles as illustrations:

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