Asendia marks the continuation of its sustainability journey with new fashion industry research in partnership with RetailX

02 November, 2023

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Press Release 2nd November 2023  |  Asendia

Since 2000, the fashion industry has doubled production, and in 2014 exceeded 100 billion garments.

However, stringent legislation against fast fashion and changing consumer desires are driving change, 
and Asendia is helping brands and retailers reach their sustainability goals.

Asendia, the joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, is delighted to mark a decade of unwavering commitment to sustainability and announces the launch of its ebook “Mobilising for sustainability in fashion”, in association with RetailX. Asendia is also thrilled to reveal that it has initiated the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) process to further solidify its sustainability efforts.

Over the past 10 years, Asendia has been at the forefront of environmental and social responsibility in the logistics and parcel delivery industry. Its dedication to sustainability has enabled the company to set new standards and achieve remarkable milestones, earning the trust and admiration of its customers and partners around the world. Since the start of 2022, Asendia offset 100% of its scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions keeping in line with a promise to be 100% carbon neutral through offsetting – an ambition that has been certified. 

To further showcase its dedication to sustainability, Asendia has partnered with RetailX, a renowned authority in retail research, to develop an in-depth sustainability ebook. Titled “Mobilising for sustainability in fashion” this ebook will shed light on Asendia's continued efforts to reduce its environmental impact, share valuable insight into the fashion sector’s transformation, and support a more sustainable and responsible global supply chain.

The fashion industry is rapidly changing. Retailers are measuring, testing, learning and listening to their consumers and other stakeholders as new models for retail emerge. According to the RetailX research, detailed in Asendia’s ebook, 17% of fashion retailers in the RetailX Global Elite Top1000 offer a recycling scheme for at least some of the products they sell. 2% of RetailX Global Elite Top250 retailers offer a product rental service. It is estimated that rental and resale will account for nearly one quarter (23%) of the global fashion market by 2030. 

“The fashion industry is forging ahead with sustainability ambitions and a focus to be net zero by 2050. Managing sustainability with business growth and innovation with day-to-day trading are inspiring a range of industries to redefine their priorities. Asendia, following in the footsteps of its founders, has set a strong precedent in the journey towards sustainability, and we are proudly continuing that heritage within the global ecommerce industry.” Says Simon Batt, CEO, Asendia.

“Sustainability requires ambitious targets to bring about change at scale. Therefore, Asendia is reinforcing its commitment to sustainability by joining the Science Based Targets initiative process to set and monitor measurable targets to reduce carbon emissions, including those caused by its transport suppliers, by the end of 2026.” Explains Batt. 

By setting science-based targets, the company aims to ensure its carbon emissions reduction goals are in line with the Paris Agreement's objective to limit global warming to well below 2°C. Many global retailers, including Nike, Adidas and eBay are already listed, enabling Asendia to support such retailers with sustainable, reliable first-mile collection, last-mile delivery, returns or cross-border commerce.

The research in collaboration with RetailX and the initiation of the SBTi process are just the beginning of Asendia's ongoing journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future. The company remains committed to exploring new avenues for environmental and social improvement and welcomes ongoing collaboration with its partners and customers to drive positive change.

Asendia does not own transport assets and infrastructure – trucks and airplanes. Instead, the company purchases services from the transport providers covering its shipping routes, and 95% of its emissions come from these vehicles. This makes it challenging for Asendia to manage its carbon reduction beyond partnering with ‘carbon conscious’ suppliers and carrier partners. So, Asendia has focused on offsetting to achieve carbon neutrality. A very low percentage of emissions come from its buildings, machinery and essential business travel.

To learn more about Asendia’s sustainable actions, click here.
To download Asendia’s ebook “Mobilising for sustainability in fashion”, click here.

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