Mastering France's e-commerce landscape: An in-depth guide by RetailX & Asendia

12 July, 2023

E-Commerce Destinations

In collaboration with RetailX, Asendia is very pleased to present you with a complimentary copy of the France Ecommerce Report 2023.

Download the France RetailX Report 2023

No matter where your business expansion plans will take you within France, this report provides essential insights to steer your growth strategy.

Our report not only offers a comprehensive snapshot of the French online retail landscape, but delves deep into key market trends, social media habits, internet penetration rates, the rising significance of sustainability and more.

In an exclusive Q+A, gain valuable insights from Bénédicte Denni, Asendia's Senior Product Manager for France, on navigating the intricacies of the thriving French e-commerce market.

Get your copy of the report today. Valued at €499, we’re making it available to you at no cost, courtesy of our RetailX partnership.


Download your free copy now!

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