How to make Black Friday work for your business

31 August, 2017

How did Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, get its name? There are two explanations: the traffic that clogs roads as shoppers flock to stores in search of a bargain, or the point when retailers begin turning a profit as the Christmas build up begins.

Either way, it’s a huge opportunity for online retailers. Black Friday 2016 was the biggest in US history with US$3.34bn spent online in just 24 hours [ADI]. The day has taken off in Europe too. In the four years to 2015, spend rocketed 124%, making it the year’s biggest single sales day (it overtook Cyber Monday in 2014).

So how can online retailers ensure their mail solutions are up to scratch and order fulfilment systems don’t become a traffic black spot? Asendia UK's Production Director Luis Barros and General Manager Carl Loader share their top tips:

Enlist a fulfilment expert

If you don’t have the resources to guarantee a golden Black Friday, entrust a fulfilment company to look after your orders. There’ll be a charge but this will be significantly less than the cost of employing extra staff and will allow you to concentrate on what you do best: looking after your customers.

Keep communication channels open

Delivery issues are more likely to occur if information is not provided in a timely way, so alert your mail and parcel providers that they can expect additional volumes from you, so they can gear up appropriately and ensure your customers orders are delivered on time. If your standard delivery time will add more pressure on your team, then extend it temporarily.