Introducing e-PAQ – a new e-commerce delivery solution to help your business flourish in the dynamic world of online retail

06 January, 2021
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Launched globally in January 2021, e-PAQ e-commerce solutions by Asendia are helping online retailers grow their businesses right across the globe.

Serving huge international brands like Urban Outfitters through to smaller boutique brands that are just getting started, e-PAQ is the perfect delivery solution for any e-tailer.

e-PAQ products

With a fresh new look and name, e-PAQ is unlike anything else on the market. But its differences are far more than cosmetic. Following extensive global research with Asendia customers and a broad look at the entire e-commerce market, the e-PAQ range has been developed to be flexible and easy to use. With e-PAQ, e-tailers and consumers have control over price, speed, customs management and tracking options.

e-PAQ Returns

For e-tailers sending products abroad, managing the returns process can be tricky. If a customer feels uneasy about your returns policy, they’ll end up buying from somewhere else. Consumers want a process they can trust but they don’t expect to pay too much.

That’s why Asendia has made e-PAQ Returns convenient and cost-effective. Like everything Asendia does, it’s a returns management system that you and your customers can rely on.

e-PAQ – meeting the needs of the current e-commerce market

Though the competition is fierce, global online retail is booming. This presents e-tailers everywhere with a golden opportunity to grow their businesses.

E-commerce accounted for 14.1% of global retail sales in 2019 and Statista forecasts that these figures will grow to 22% by 2023. By 2040, it is expected that 95% of all purchases will be conducted by e-commerce.

COVID-19 has done little to derail this trajectory. Quite the opposite. Lockdowns and fear of contracting the virus have forced many to embrace online shopping – including the those who previously rejected it. Research by First Insight found a steep rise in the percentage of boomers (56 – 74 years old) shifting to online shopping, from 8% in February to 34% in late March.

e-PAQ was not developed in response to COVID-19, but there is some serendipity in the timing of the launch; it makes e-commerce quicker, simpler and more affordable for e-tailers, thus helping you capitalise on increased demand.

e-PAQ – sustainability in e-commerce

Sustainability is no longer a niche market. Increasingly, shoppers will scrutinise retailers based on their green credentials before making a purchase. Research by Doddle shows that 77% of online shoppers care deeply about the environment when thinking about how they receive their deliveries and 56% of consumers aged 18 to 24 would be persuaded to buy from a competitor who offered a more sustainable fulfilment option.

With e-PAQ, Asendia has been able to align its delivery solutions with its sustainability policy. Parcels to France and Switzerland are 100% Carbon Neutral when added directly into the La Poste or Swiss Post networks. Furthermore, all Asendia transport emissions on parcels within Europe, and from Europe to other continents, are now being offset. Asendia has set a high bar on sustainability and is committed to doing more as time goes on.

E-tailers who want to fulfil their customers’ desire for sustainable delivery, or those who simply want to reduce their carbon footprint, need look no further than e-PAQ.

Why e-PAQ?

Grow your business globally: Asendia combines its global expertise with the knowledge of its local delivery partners to offer its customers superior delivery the world over.

  • 200+ destinations worldwide
  • Versatile customs and duty management
  • Boost sales with improved delivery experience

Minimise delivery queries and complaints: Asendia strives to deliver a great delivery experience with every parcel. Its reliable e-PAQ services provide e-tailers with happy shoppers who, rather than complain, will come back time and time again.

  • Optimisable tracking helps manage customer expectations (82% of e-shoppers want notifications throughout shipping.)

Save time & money: The flexibility of the e-PAQ range gives Asendia customers control to choose the right service at the right price. Whether you’re sending low-value items locally or high-value items to the other side of the earth, e-PAQ always offers great cost efficiency. Clear, easy to use and reliable – e-PAQ will save your online retail business time and money.

Start growing your online retail business across global markets with e-PAQ by Asendia.


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