Is e-commerce thriving during the pandemic?

26 August, 2020

E-Commerce Covid-19

E-commerce has had one of the biggest impacts on virtually every industry in the last few decades.

In fact, until the COVID-19 pandemic, it was hard to imagine a bigger disrupter. But the impact of the pandemic has been massive. With rapid and wide scale change and adaptation still continuing, the disrupter is itself being disrupted.

The disruption to brick and mortar retailers has been clearly evident, with lockdowns having a significant and negative impact. For online retailers, it’s been a different matter. Certainly, lockdowns across the globe, as well as temporary suspensions and interruptions due to airline restrictions, have resulted in delays and difficulties with deliveries to customers.

But – in the e-commerce world at least – there have also been significant gains. There has been a marked rise in online sales and a global increase in online shoppers since the onset of the pandemic. There has also been a rise in email open rates. Data from BounceX suggests a 40% rise in email open rates from March 1st to April 14th.

With remote working more prevalent than ever before, people are spending more time online. The halo effect from this is increased visibility of online retailers, and an equal increase in receptivity. The Financial Times has described the pandemic as ‘the moment Europe discovered digital shopping’, and indeed, territories all across Europe have seen rises in online shopping that are predicted to outlive the pandemic. The same trend is echoed on a global scale, with e-commerce in the US poised to grow by 18%, whilst in Asia, the number of consumers planning to shop online has rocketed from 17% to 50%.

The popularity of online shopping is also highlighted by the decline in offline shopping. Even with lockdowns easing, there is a marked reluctance amongst consumers to return to the high street. Research from GlobalWebIndex indicated that nearly half of global consumers have no immediate intention to resume physical shopping.

Consumers are increasingly prioritizing safety alongside convenience and stability, and e-commerce has the potential to give them the services and solutions that they want. The evolution of shopping may have come sooner than anyone expected, but the opportunities are here right now for those who are ready for them.

Asendia is on hand to help you make the best of those opportunities. With extensive experience in the e-commerce arena, our international expertise and local knowledge can give you the reach and ability to prosper in this new and evolving world. Contact us to find out more or download the latest issue of Insights by Asendia which takes a deeper delve into what this ‘new normal’ holds for online retailers, with advice from Asendia experts.


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