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26 October, 2021

E-Commerce E-Commerce Destinations

Join RetailX and Asendia experts at the next series of webinars in November. Register now for free.

At this ECOMMERCE WORLD REVIEW webinar series, researchers, editors, industry experts and special guests will discuss the current state of world e-commerce. It will be held across 5 days. You will gain valuable insight into everything e-commerce; from leading brands to the benefits of personalisation.


Asendia is proud partner of RetailX and is delighted to have joined two webinars as experts. Register now for free.

But don’t worry if you cannot make the time, all webinars will be recorded and shared here afterwards.


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Renaud Marliere-1Yellow line

Renaud Marlière
Chief Business Development Director Asendia Group

Sustainability Report 2021: How are retailers making shopping more sustainable?
November 8  //  10:00 AM (GMT)

Join us for our review of one of the world’s most important issues and the role retailers are playing in making shopping more sustainable.




Joeri GroenewoudYellow line

Joeri Groenewoud
Business Development Director Asendia Global Accounts

A review of the Global 2021 E-Commerce Report
November 12  //  15:30 (GMT)

Join us for the launch of the Global 2021 E-Commerce Region Report webinar. The report offers in-depth coverage of different e-commerce regions and countries, ranging from developing nations in Africa to mature markets such as the USA.



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