The gift of a tree

18 August, 2022

E-Commerce News Sustainability 10 year anniversary

Since our formation in 2012, we’ve kept sustainability at the heart of Asendia. We realise that as a global logistics provider, we have a responsibility to protect the planet, and continually look for opportunities to broaden our environmental initiatives.
In January of 2022, we reached our biggest milestone yet, achieving 100% carbon neutrality. This means we offset all emissions of our international transport, and those of our first- and last-mile delivery, as well as returns, building emissions, machinery and business travel.

Accomplishing our carbon neutrality goal just happened to fall on our 10-year anniversary. In honour of the occasion and our amazing journey, Asendia has gifted each employee a tree planted in their name. The trees are part of reforestation efforts in two regions of France destroyed by insects and heatwaves – Jura and Chantilly.

  1. Jura

Bark beetles invaded the area, weakening the forests, which led to their decline. The range of tree species planted in the restoration project – including pines, oaks, maples and chestnuts – will recharge the ecosystem, creating broad diversity in the region and protecting against future climatic hazards.

  1. Chantilly

Over the past thirty years, heatwaves have weakened the area, devastating the oaks. This led to insect growth that critically damaged the root structures. The region’s regrowth initiative will enable the forest’s renewal, with its many new tree species ensuring resilience in the face of environmental and biological threats.

The trees will grow with us while supporting Asendia’s continuing commitment to sustainability and the fight against global warming.
Asendia worked together on the project with Reforest'Action, a French organisation that restores and creates forests around the world. For more on Reforest'Action, click here.

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