The story's not complete until it's delivered.
Asendia Press Edigroup help it reach your readers.

The World Is Your Address

Sit back and let us speedily, and efficiently distribute all your publications to the rest of the world.
They say the world is shrinking, but when it comes to magazine distribution, it’s still the same size as it’s always been – with extra complexity through customs, taxes and tariffs thrown in just for good measure. But, as your trusted partner for global distribution services, we promise to take all this hard work away.

Our Press Distribution Solutions

We are your partner for promoting and managing your subscriptions, primarily in Switzerland and Belgium. Specialising in subscription management and subscriber acquisition and renewal, Asendia Press Edigroup promotes and distributes newspapers, magazines and journals, as well as managing subscriptions, including the administration of subscribers’ data.

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We give you full access to new markets

Managing subscriptions abroad is a very specific part of a publisher's work. In each country, the press has its own distinctive features and cultural identity that characterise the local market. Thanks to Asendia Press Edigroup, the French- and German-speaking markets are fully accessible to you. This gives you the opportunity to win new customers and increase your distribution without any effort and lets you focus on your core market.


Over the last few decades, we have developed the following expertise:

Guidance towards a complete fulfilment solution

Specialisation all along the value creation chain

Flexible, dynamic working methods

Customer focus

Know-how that is as complete as possible

Constant innovation and optimisation of processes

Linguistic proficiency


Asendia Press has several specialists waiting to help businesses large and small.

Our sales team are friendly and knowledgeable professionals. We aim to produce quotes quickly and provide advice where we think it could help improve results or save money.

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