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A feature-rich parcel service at an affordable price, with delivery by trusted local b2c parcel specialists.

Trusted by leading retailers, brands and marketplaces around the world.

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Countries: over 40
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Max weight: 30kg
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Delivery aim: 2-5 days regional, 4-9 days intercontinental
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Tracking: End-to-end

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Deliveries with e-PAQ Select are 100% carbon neutral


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Tailored to local market preferences
Gain shoppers’ trust with a choice of locally recognised final-mile delivery services, designed to local consumer needs
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Major and emerging e-commerce markets covered
Increase sales in the biggest and fastest growing ecommerce markets, with smooth customs clearance and on-time delivery. New countries are added regularly.
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Best features of B2C delivery by trusted local specialists
Quick delivery, up to 30KG, end-to-end tracking and add-ons like PUDO, signature, cash-on-delivery, DDP and returns management.
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Lighten the load for your customer services team
Reliable delivery with tracking and notifications all the way. Trust e-PAQ Select to meet your shopper’s expectations and minimise your “where’s my parcel?” queries.

Leading brands achieve competitive advantage with e-PAQ Select

Small businesses can also switch to us within days. In the future, you could be shipping thousands of orders a week like these brands.

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Features at a glance

Tracked home delivery as standard and add-ons tailored to shopper preferences in each country.

Asendia manages the export logistics with the final-mile handled by partners in each country that specialise in e-commerce parcel delivery. 

  • Weight/Size
    For packages up to 30kg to most destinations: Max length 200cm - Max Width 80cm - Max Thickness 60cm - total size 200cm.
  • Countries
    Available to all major and emerging e-commerce markets worldwide. Contact us for a list.
  • Final-mile delivery partners
    Final-mile delivery by a trusted local ecommerce parcel delivery specialist. We handle export logistics and provide the labels and pricing. Contact us for details of our delivery partners in each country.
  • Add-ons
    Contact us about additional options including PUDO, proof of delivery and cash on delivery.
  • Customs
    Customs pre-paid options (DDP) avoid surprise costs upon delivery for the shopper.
  • Delivery aim
    Fast and reliable delivery (2-5 days regional delivery/4-9 days intercontinental). Contact us for specific destination delivery aims.
  • Tracking
    Fully tracked service and optional signature upon delivery
  • Delivery attempts and inflight options
    Delivery is typically attempted two or three times, with the ability to make inflight changes available in most countries.
  • Economy option
    An Economy delivery option is available for some destinations.
  • Shipping platform
    Our sophisticated, user-friendly shipping platform provides the labels you need and processes your customs data. Integrating your fulfilment system with our shipping platform is quick and easy too.
  • Integrations
    We have standard integrations with leading ecommerce and order management platforms, and can support bespoke integrations too.
  • Returns & undeliverables
    Tracked undeliverables and comprehensive returns solution. 
  • Collection
    Please contact us to discuss your collection needs. We can provide flexible collection nationwide or you can choose to deliver to our Distribution Centre.
  • Sustainability
    All shipments are 100% carbon neutral thanks to Asendia’s offsetting programme.
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Our most popular service with e-tailers large and small

e-PAQ Select is feature-rich, affordable and offers final-mile delivery by brands that are trusted in each country.

What’s more, it’s easy to connect to your order fulfilment system to simplify labelling, customs data processing and tracking.


Enterprise solutions

Large-scale e-tailers sending thousands of parcels a week can benefit from premium account management and tailor-made solutions including collection times that suit you, IT development, peak planning, and bespoke reporting.

More about enterprise solutions

Small to medium sized business

Our onboarding team will support you with getting set-up quickly. We’ll show you how to prepare your shipments with our user-friendly shipping tool and give you access to integrations with popular e-commerce platforms.

Discover small business solutions

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Style My Bedroom

 “Since partnering with Asendia we have seen a four-fold increase in international sales.”


What could e-PAQ Select do for your business?


Your business internationally

Trusted, convenient and affordable
Increase international shoppers’ likelihood of clicking the checkout button by offering a choice of trusted, convenient and affordable delivery options.


Delivery queries and complaints

Gain 5 star reviews
A poor delivery experience will lose you customers and handling “where’s my parcel?” queries and customs issues is costly. Get ahead of the problem with e-PAQ Select’s reliability, tracking and notifications.


Your costs and save time

Optimised prices and processes
With one integration, you have access to multiple services and destinations at excellent rates. Plus, our technology and processes make it easy and efficient for you to manage.

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“Having alternative solutions being brought to the table is of great help given the ever-changing landscape and it enables us to have confidence in our ability to react quickly.”

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Build customer loyalty with a returns solution that works for everyone

A convenient, hassle-free returns process keeps customers coming  back to your business. Our international returns solution combines technology with logistics, giving e-tailers access to a dedicated portal, supply chain insights and hassle-free refunds – all powered by ESW technology.


Frequently asked questions

We take care of exportation and customs clearance and have a worldwide network
 of final-mile delivery partners specialising in tracked parcel delivery for e-commerce.

Our international distribution centres in 17 countries distribute parcels worldwide by air and road. We also work with customs clearance agents before handing parcels over to our carefully chosen final-mile delivery partners.

Our relationships and integrations with transport companies, airlines, and customs agents ensure we have full visibility of your parcel’s movements and can gear up for peak periods.

Access this network by setting up an Asendia account. We handle the IT integration and provide the pricing.

Best in class final-mile delivery partners in each country

Our final-mile delivery partners include national parcel operators, trusted parcel companies, and innovative ecommerce delivery brands. 

For e-PAQ Select each chosen partner must provide reliable tracking, and in key markets we ensure your shoppers have a choice of familiar, convenient and affordable delivery options to make them much more likely to hit the checkout button.

Options include home delivery, PUDO, Delivery Duty Paid, signature and cash on delivery in markets they are expected.

Contact us for a list of destinations with options, delivery times and prices

We cover most of Europe, North and South America, Asia, Oceania and are growing in Africa too.

With all major ecommerce destinations covered and lots of emerging markets too, we empower you to accelerate your international sales.

Contact for a full list of countries and options available.

Our international services are very popular with e-tailer and brands selling clothing and apparel, beauty products, small consumer electronics, books, lifestyle products, supplements, toys, homeware and gifts.

Maximum weight and size
Most international packets and parcels we send are under 2KG, but we offer services for packages up to 30KG. If your parcels fit through a letterbox (under 3cm thick) we can offer extra savings.

Max L ??cm x W * x D *
*L+D+W must be under ??cm 

Max weight 30kg to most countries 

Prohibited and restricted items
Our services cannot be used for shipping illegal or dangerous goods. The list of prohibited items varies by country, so contact us for further details.

Our pricing depends on details including the quantity of parcels being sent, destination and weight. Contact us for further details.

How are we so competitively priced?
With La Poste and Swiss Post as our parent companies, and with subsidiaries in 17 key e-commerce countries, we are ideally positioned to understand local markets and negotiate with regional country parcel delivery specialists. Having our own operations and IT expertise enables us to handle export logistics efficiently and keep costs down.

Contact us for a list of destinations with options, delivery times and prices

Labelling and shipment processing
Asendia Shipping, our user-friendly, multi-carrier shipping platform, outputs the label you need to get each parcel to its destination through your shopper’s chosen service. It also manages your parcel data, enabling smooth paperless customs clearance where available.

System integrations
We can easily integrate Asendia Shipping with your fulfilment systems, as well as platforms like Metapack and Shipstation, and you can choose us for all destinations or specific countries or services.

e-PAQ Select provides end-to-end tracking. Online tracking allows shoppers to self-serve, minimising “where’s my parcel?” enquiries, and native language notifications keep customers updated to provide peace of mind.

The world of cross-border trading has evolved significantly in recent years, so providing the correct customs data is more important than ever. 

Electronic customs pre-advice data
It is now mandatory to provide electronic customs pre-advice data and an S10 barcode when you ship abroad. You are also required to provide a CN22, CN23 or commercial invoice (depending on the service used) and the information electronically in the pre-advice you send to us.

If you do not provide this information you risk penalties and delays or items being returned, but our shipping platform is data-compliant and automates this process to take the stress out of electronic customs.

This is a mandatory requirement for cross-border shipping, no matter which provider you use.

Customs clearance options
Customs paid at destination and customs prepaid options are available. Contact us for full details.


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