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Download the China 2020: E-commerce Country Report Today!
Published by RetailX in partnership with Asendia

RetailX, in partnership with Asendia, has published the China 2020: E-commerce Country Report. In this report you’ll find key information about China’s highly competitive e-commerce market, from an overview of the sector’s growth and consumers to exploring the East-West tensions and how e-retailers can break into China’s lucrative middle-class market.


The China E-commerce Country Report explores:

The 2020 report analyses the increasing importance of Singles’ Day, which more and more brands are taking part in around the world, and also speaks to experts such as the CEO of Asendia Hong Kong, Jerry Leung, for insights into the future of China’s e-commerce market.

An analysis of the Chinese consumer profile
Chinese shopper’s m-commerce and payment habits
The impact of Single’s Day and social media


The full report includes:

  • Market overview
  • Population growth
  • Partner perspective: Asendia
  • Internet Inclusivity Index
  • Internet usage
  • Overview of China's B2C market
  • Revenue in the e-commerce market
  • Percentage of online shoppers
  • Chinese consumer graphics
  • User trust in mobile apps in China 2020 by app type
  • Internet activity
  • Holiday e-commerce: Singles’ Day statistics
  • Cross-border e-commerce
  • Coronavirus tracker
  • And more!