DeliveryX Returns Report 2023

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DeliveryX, in partnership with Asendia, has published the DeliveryX Returns Report 2023, an in-depth analysis of returns and their impact in the e-commerce industry.

With an interview from Jonathan Tubb, Business Development for e-PAQ Returns at Asendia, case studies plus global facts and figures, this report is a valuable resource for any e-commerce retailers.

Cover Delivery Returns Report 2023
The DeliveryX Returns Report

The rise of e-commerce has led to an increase in product returns, causing strain on retailers' bottom line and environmental efforts.

Technology and automation can streamline the returns process and reduce costs, while a sustainable approach to charging for returns could appeal to consumers.

Retailers need to strike a balance between retaining
customers and reducing returns.


The full report includes:

  • An interview with Jonathan Tubb, Business Development - e-PAQ Returns at Asendia. 
  • A Market overview: the actual state of returns 2023, including updated figures.
  • The consumers' perspective about returns, showing the importance of ease of returns and short returns periods.
  • An analysis of the post-peak returns period.
  • The importance of sustainability and recommerce for online shoppers. 
  • 3 retailers' case studies: Zara, Schuh, and Amazon showing relevant actions related to returns.
  • The future of returns and beyond.

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