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The expert’s guide to Switzerland

In this guide one of Asendia’s experts on Swiss e-commerce addresses some of the questions most frequently asked by businesses selling to Switzerland.

Why should you read this e-book?

Thomas Haumüller, E-Commerce Product Manager at Asendia, is an expert on the complexities of e-commerce in Switzerland. In this e-book, he shares his expertise in an interview that covers the facts about Swiss e-commerce, and the trends that shape the habits of Swiss shoppers.

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Contents of this e-book
  • Emerging trends in the Swiss market
  • 3 top tips for expanding into Switzerland
  • The delivery preferences of Swiss shoppers
  • The top 5 import origins of Switzerland
  • The spending power of Swiss consumers
About Asendia and Switzerland

Through our parent company Swiss Post, Asendia empowers your business to succeed when selling to Switzerland, plus we know Swiss customs inside out.

Our local understanding and international expertise is at your disposal, so your business can make the most of Switzerland’s outstanding e-commerce potential.



Parcel solutions that empower you to grow your business in Switzerland


e-PAQ Select Mailbox is the preferred parcel service in Switzerland. It's cost-effective for retailers and offers fast and reliable delivery for shoppers including customs clearance.

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Sustainability comes naturally

Swiss Post was ahead of their time when focusing on sustainability. We are proud to continue that heritage by taking positive, responsible actions to minimize Asendia's impact on the environment.


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