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Published by RetailX in partnership with Asendia

RetailX, in partnership with Asendia, has published the Switzerland 2023: E-commerce Report ­– an in-depth analysis of online retail in Switzerland. With an interview from Asendia's Senior Product Manager for Switzerland, Thomas Haumüller, case studies and hard facts and figures, this report is a valuable resource for any business looking to expand.

By way of our partnership with RetailX, Asendia is pleased to offer e-tailers a copy of this report, as a free download. 

The Switzerland E-commerce Report explores:

The report offers overviews of Switzerland before diving into the detail and analysing both established and emerging E-commerce markets, as well as fascinating insights into payment preferences, product choices, internet penetration, and more. 


The full report includes:

  • Market context: Looking past the fog of the ward
  • Market overview: Switzerland in numbers
  • Internet use and E-commerce
  • The Switzerland consumer in focus
  • Q+A with Asendia's Senior Product Manager for Switzerland, Thomas Haumüller
  • Exploring sustainability in Switzerland E-commerce