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Download the UK 2021 E-commerce Country Report Today!
Published by RetailX in partnership with Asendia

As partners of RetailX, we’re delighted to be able to offer the full report, valued at €499, completely free to all online retailers.

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What’s in the UK 2021 E-commerce Country Report?


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Don’t miss your opportunity to pick up this latest report – offering a complete overview of e-commerce in the world’s fifth largest economy, for free!

This detailed yet concise report reveals everything you need to know about e-commerce in the United Kingdom.


The full report includes:

  • Market overview: a digital economy undergoing change
  • Economic facts and insights
  • Partner perspective: an interview with Marie Barrance, Sales Director, Asendia UK
  • Digital country profile
  • E-commerce overview: B2C online retail in the UK
  • The UK consumer: surveys and profiles revealing attitudes and decision processes
  • COVID-19 tracker
  • Detailed analysis of the impacts of Brexit
  • And much, much more



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