Asking Barbara Schielke about Asendia's Carbon Offsetting

14 November, 2023


Since January 2022, Asendia has been 100% Carbon Neutral through Offseting.

Barbara Schielke, Chief HR & CSR Officer at Asendia, explains the motivation behind this decision, and what sustainability steps are planned next.

What was the motivation for Asendia to offset all carbon emissions?

“Being 100% carbon neutral through carbon offsetting is first and foremost beneficial for our planet and for the future of the next generations. And I think many of our retail clients are appreciating our efforts because for them as well, they are rethinking their value chain. These kind of retail clients may hopefully appreciate our efforts towards a more sustainable logistic because it's fitting well into their own value proposition."


Is Asendia also offsetting the carbon footprint caused by its transport suppliers?

“We are working with many transport partners and we are offsetting their emissions on their behalf as well. Our transport suppliers' emissions actually cause 95% of our total carbon footprint. These emissions are usually called scope three emissions. We are totally offsetting our scope one, two and three emissions.”


What are the next steps for Asendia in terms of sustainability?

“We'd like to go a step further. We will be joining the well-known science-based target initiative. It means we will commit SBTi to set science-based targets before the end of 2024, and then we'll have a period of two years to define our science-based targets and submit them to SBTi for validation.”


You can find out more about SBTi here.


Would you like to know more about sustainability measures within the fashion industry?

We're delighted to share 'Mobilising for sustainability in fashion', a report written by RetailX in association with Asendia. 

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