Grow your business into Switzerland

10 April, 2024

E-Commerce Destinations

As part of our partnership with RetailX, Asendia is pleased to offer you a free copy of the latest Switzerland E-Commerce Report.


Wherever in Switzerland you’re looking to grow your business, the Switzerland report gives you the information you need.

The report offers a general overview of Switzerland before diving into the detail and analysing both established and emerging e-commerce markets, as well as fascinating insights into payment preferences, product choices, internet penetration, and more. 

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Covering a range of topics and incorporating interviews with industry experts, the report answers the big questions facing Switzerland e-commerce businesses today.

Thomas Haumüller, Asendia's Senior Product Manager for Switzerland, reflects on the year ahead and the challenges and opportunities it will bring. He offers practical advice for existing businesses that want to expand.

If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis and data on Switzerland E-commerce, download the 2023 Switzerland E-commerce Report. As partners we’re delighted to be able to offer you the full report, valued at €499 for free


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