Infographic: Sustainable e-commerce in 2023

28 February, 2023


Sustainability is an ever-growing topic within the e-commerce industry.

The focus has evolved from delivery transportation to packaging, delivery methods and now re-use and recycling of products and materials. We've compiled global shopper and retailer data to highlight the latest findings and trends you need your sustainability plan in 2023 and beyond. 

The Balancing Act

More and more consumers are demanding greener e-commerce, putting pressure on retailers to find sustainable delivery and return solutions. To meet this demand, online retailers must find a way to balance consumer expectations of rapid delivery times to international destinations with lowering the carbon footprint of every parcel.

70% of all consumers agree that addressing climate change is more important now than ever

37% of shoppers base their buying decisions on retailers’ ethical and sustainability policies.

43% of consumers select next-day delivery.

Three in four shoppers say they would have been dissuaded from a purchase if there had been a delivery charge associated with it.



Today’s consumers want their products to arrive safely and wrapped neatly, but without harming the environment. That means exploring and experimenting with sustainable options like cardboard, paper and other recyclable materials to find packaging that your customers will remember – and re-use!

74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging

72% of shoppers say they are buying more eco-friendly products compared to 5 years ago

53% of people are actively looking for recycling or sustainability info on packaging

Just 5% of people associate plastic with the word “premium”


Would you like to know more? Keep reading our sustainability infographic by clicking below:

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