New ebook: Mobilising for sustainability in fashion

06 November, 2023


Mobilising a business for sustainability is not straightforward, so we are delighted to support and contribute to this RetailX report to provide fashion retailers with the latest guidance. 

Sustainability is not a single department within a business. It doesn’t operate as a silo. Instead, sustainability needs to be embedded across the organisation requiring everyone from the board down to take up the baton not just for climate change but for business change.

Fashion is a sector that has its own challenges which also mirror factors that are common to all retailers. As a sector, it has mobilised to effect change, with brands and retailers collaborating with suppliers, innovators and competitors to become a force for good.

At Asendia, we have been on our own transformation journey for the last decade to become 100% carbon neutral through carbon offsetting. We know the commonalities of transformation at scale, even across different industries and sectors. It is a journey requiring a solid commitment to sustainability, support from partners across supply chains and a requirement to continuously challenge ourselves to improve our actions — all factors that are reflected by the fashion leaders.


What does this free report include?

Bullet Point Introduction - How is sustainability changing the fashion industry?
Retail innovation and initiatives:

Bullet Point Sustainable by design
Bullet Point Redesigning waste
Bullet Point Rethinking the product lifecycle
Bullet Point Blending models


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