Kapten & Son

Asendia successfully helped Kapten & Son make their French customers happy for Christmas - the beginning of a great collaboration. 

Changing shipping partners before the Christmas season is a bold move, but one that Kapten & Son took. Nevertheless, Kapten & Son gambled and won with Asendia as a their partner for the French market. 

About Kapten & Son

The lifestyle brand from Cologne has developed into a globally active company in a short time and owes its success not only to its stylish products, but also to the skilful use of social media and influencer marketing.

Over 100 employees take care of continuing Kapten & Son's success story and selling their sustainable accessories and backpacks online all over the world.


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The Challenge

With foresight, Kapten & Son looked for a suitable shipping partner for the French market in 2020. They had experience in the French market, but they could not foresee the impact Corona would have on Black Friday but also on their Christmas business. In order to serve French shoppers optimally, they sought a partner who was able to react flexibly to changes in quantity at short notice and offer a high level of service.

After all, the partner fulfils Kapten & Son's promise of quality as a brand ambassador, so to speak, on the last mile.

The Solution

Happy customers are what unites us. Because only happy customers have happy customers. And Kapten & Son want to make their customers just as happy as we want to make ours. It goes without saying that we always have time to hear Kapten & Son's concerns. Christmas business is going through the roof? No problem, we'll send an extra truck to make sure all the parcels are under the tree on time!

In addition to a high level of commitment and flexibility, we also offer a very special service for the French market: as a joint venture between La Poste and Post CH AG, Asendia has direct access to the services of the French postal service in this specific case and thus benefits from a well-developed logistics network. The trust of French customers in "their" domestic postal service and Asendia's direct line to La Poste. This is why we were able to convince Kapten & Son with e-PAQ Select by Colissimo, Asendia's tailor-made mailing service for the French market.



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"What I appreciate most about working with Asendia is their flexibility and personal commitment. Asendia not only listens to our problems, but also has the right solution at hand. One call is enough and they take care of it - and always professionally and accommodatingly.
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A Successful Partnership

"We feel picked up by Asendia in the truest sense of the word - and that doesn't just apply to our parcels. They simply know what we need and take care of it - flexibly, professionally and with that certain human element that makes the cooperation very pleasant. For us, of course, this is perfect, because it allows us to implement our high quality standards in logistics as well."

Patric Bökemeyer, Kapten & Son GmbH


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