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Published by RetailX in partnership with Asendia

RetailX, in partnership with Asendia, has published the Switzerland 2022: E-commerce Report ­– an in-depth analysis of online retail in Switzerland. With an interview from Asendia's Senior Product Manager for Switzerland, Thomas Haumüller, case studies and hard facts and figures, this report is a valuable resource for any business looking to expand.

By way of our partnership with RetailX, Asendia is pleased to offer e-tailers a copy of this report, as a free download. 

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The Switzerland E-commerce Report explores:

The report offers overviews of Switzerland before diving into the detail and analysing both established and emerging E-commerce markets, as well as fascinating insights into payment preferences, product choices, internet penetration, and more. 

We invite you as well to watch the complementing webinar on Destination Switzerland. In the webinar you'll hear informative insight and the combined expertise of Asendia and Swiss Post.


The full report includes:

  • Market context: Looking past the fog of the ward
  • Market overview: Switzerland in numbers
  • Internet use and E-commerce
  • The Switzerland consumer in focus
  • Q+A with Asendia's Senior Product Manager for Switzerland, Thomas Haumüller
  • Exploring sustainability in Switzerland E-commerce

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